The Economical College ”Vigil Madgearu” is situated in the heart of Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The students of our college are very well prepared in the tourism and commerce field of activity and they are specialized as technician in economic activities and technician in tourism. There are 1200 students learning in our college, aged between 15-19, and 70 teachers. Vigil Madgearu Economic College occupies the 1st place in the top economic high schools in Bucharest, being a college where students find a dynamic educational domain in which team work is being valued. The college maintains a tight relationship with the community, participating in projects together. It is actively involved in a series of projects, exchange experience projects, partnerships, competitions, numerous activities and extra-curricular projects.
The mission of the college is to form and consolidate skills, abilities and competencies of the students which are required for success in the work place, to create an environment in which the teachers feel professionally fulfilled, to offer the chance for the students to benefit from knowledge, to use technology, to acquire communication skills in foreign languages. The students of the college have won numerous prizes and honourable mention awards within international trade fairs of virtual enterprises in Prague, Salzburg, New York, as well as in the municipal and national olympiad and contests. During September 2014- August 2016, teachers from the college participated in the Erasmus + mobility project, action VET learner and staff mobility, ”Innovative models for optimizing the pedagogical and methodical counselling, given to the beginner teachers in the pre-university level from Bucharest, to increase the quality of education provided to the students”, in Italy, focused on sharing knowledge and implementing of teaching methods and strategies for beginner teacher, from the Italian partner wich has expertise in the areas of interest. Increasing the prestige of our college has come as a consequence, its image being promoted both nationally and internationally, by improving on the one hand the relationships with the institutional bodies and public local authorities, and on the other hand by raising awareness of the local community about the great results of our students guided by an outstanding staff of teachers. Most of the teachers from the college work in activities of design, development, implementation and monitoring of projects in the areas of education and training, a tlocal and national levels. We have a big experience in project management, training course,monitoring and evaluation projects. The constant preoccupation of our teachers for personal development, the insolvent of a great number of students in national and international projects. Between From 2019, the Economical College ”Vigil Madgearu”implements the Erasmus project, Key Action 1, VET entitled ”Experience through practice”. The project promotes the integration of innovative active, experience the strategies and methods taken from the Spanish partner and some pedagogical tools (case studies / role play / networking sessions with companies). This year, the Colllege is a partner in the Erasmus+ mobility project, Key Action 1, VET, applying from the School Inspectorate of Bucharest, entitled ”Increased the competences of teachers in the IPT school from Bucharest to organizing and conducting practical training courses for students”. The specific objectives are to improving the qualification of the 12 VET teachers by learning and practising European practices regarding the organization of the practical training of students at the economic agents and to developing of interactive and innovative learning methods („Learning by Doing”) to facilitate the transition from school to active life through the implementation of the tutoring support system in trainee ship.

S2DInTs – To Digitally Include Teachers and Students

PROJECT NUMBER : 2021-1-TR01-KA220-SCH-000029574