119 Secondary School is among the leading education institutions in the field of school education in Bulgaria and one of the biggest schools in the capital city with more than 1600 students and nearly 120 teachers. We proud ourselves with providing quality education in the following profiles: Humanities; Foreign languages (English, French, and Russian); Natural Sciences. We try to constantly adapt to the challenges our students are facing. Our teachers put a lot of efforts in providing knowledge and skills that are most needed for real life. This is an everyday process, but especially for this purpose, we introduced extra Civic Education classes. We promote self government through an active Student board,which engages students in various events and learning initiatives on wide range of topics such as: European values; Sustainable Development; Developed civic society; Charity; Virtues as a part of students’ culture; Culture of children and young people against aggression and harassment. We are very active in international and national project work and in providing entrepreneurship education opportunities to our students. We perceive our school as a model and source of innovation for the whole education system. As such we have engaged in various international partnerships to further enhance our knowledge base and expertise in providing effective solutions to daily school challenges. Our students have participated in several activities, since we are a team of hard-working and motivated teachers who have taken part in different qualification training programmes, both KA1 and KA2 Erasmus+ projects as well as various national and international projects.

S2DInTs – To Digitally Include Teachers and Students

PROJECT NUMBER : 2021-1-TR01-KA220-SCH-000029574