Necmettin Erbakan University (NEU) is a state university in Turkey. It is located in the city of Konya. There are 20
faculties, 6 vocational schools, 26 research centres, 4 institutes, 4 foreign languages college, Turkish Music Conservatory
and 8 coordinator ships like international affairs within our university. Presently, 25,454 students are as graduate
students, 2,872 are as being post graduate (master), 5,664 as doctorate students and 1,181 students for pedagogic
formation, 35 thousand and 171 students in total are studying in the university. A thousand and 909 academic staff and
149 administrative staff are currently working in the university. Ahmet Keleşoğlu Education Faculty has a special
education department. At least 700 students and nearly 20 academic staff work in the Special Education Department. In
addition, our university has a research center that conducts research on the handicapped and disadvantaged individuals.
Our university is a highly ranked university among other universities. Special Education Department students in national
examinations held in our country receive the Turkey championship. The special education department helps to develop
the communication and social skills of the disabled and disadvantaged individuals with the disadvantaged individuals and
the the staff in special education center at our university, and through their exchange of experience, work on the
handicapped and disadvantaged people adaptation to the social, academic, technological and physical environment. The
lecturers in Special Education Department voluntarily work for equal rights and for the society to fully integrate
disadvantaged and handicapped people into all areas of life of the society. Topics examined in the special education
department: – Effective integration and inclusion of the handicapped and the disadvantaged, – Social integration/inclusion
of immigrants, – Social cohesion and comfort of the immigrant disabled, – Personal development of handicapped
immigrants, – Professional development of teachers of the handicapped and the disadvantaged like the immigrants, –
National and international cooperation on the handicapped, inclusion and the attitudes. Those who are working in the
special education department want to volunteer to investigate and report such issues. At NEU, and have very suitable
environments for the project for which they are ready for a project work. The staff in the department fulfills their duties and responsibilities assigned to the project as instructed and they are both very successful in teamwork and each staff is
ready and well- trained to be a leader. An effective process and cooperation can be created easily among the teaching
staff assigned in each team work. Therefore, the staff in the special education department at NEU have high potential for
effective cooperation and communication with other stakeholders. The lecturers in the Special Education Department are
public officials and have the potential to communicate with other stakeholders at a high level. Therefore, they will be able
to ensure that the content and impact of the activities and projects shall be carried out on sound documentation. The staff
in the department are very much familiar with also: – To promote non-discrimination and equal opportunity for
disadvantaged individuals, – To be able to provide for support by volunteering for disadvantaged individuals who need the
most support and especially in the non-formal education of immigrant disadvantaged people, – Encouraging the
participation of disadvantaged migrant individuals in EU policies on education, youth, culture, social affairs and
employment as a tool for social development, their psychological and social improvement.

S2DInTs – To Digitally Include Teachers and Students

PROJECT NUMBER : 2021-1-TR01-KA220-SCH-000029574